Priorities, a.k.a. "What should I be doing?" (new people please read this)

The rest of the wiki will be outdated until we get it updated, but in the meantime this page should give you some idea of how the game flows.


The first question many players ask when they log in is "What should I be doing?". The answer to this question is not always straightforward can vary a lot depending on the current situation, so this page is meant to help with this.

In this page I'll list some things that you will want to keep in mind when evaluating what you should be doing next. This will help you know what questions to ask other players and what you should pay attention to. I will also try to give you a feel for how the game generally flows.

The main objective of the players in the world of Love is to combat the corrupting effects of The Artifact. The Artifact will cause an AI tribe to become hostile to all others, causing that tribe to be the main enemy for however long The Artifact is in their possession.

First Things First

Arm Yourself:

Always have your gun! If you do not have your trusty HyperBlaster then get one from the Monolith as soon as you can.

The world of Love can be quite hostile and I recommend that you always have some kind of weapon to defend yourself with. Even if you are safely in the settlement you should always have a weapon ready so that you can defend if needed.

Most of the time there is something somewhere in the world (usually members of the dominating AI tribe) that actively wants you dead. These are not simply ambient fauna that will naturally dumb run into you to smack you and/or blow up. These guys will actively seek you out, shoot you, burn you, bury you, blow you up, and kick your precious little sandcastle over while laughing at you if they get the opportunity to do so!

Find out who your enemy is:

You should know who you should be shooting at and who you should not be shooting at.

AI belonging to the current dominating AI tribe are actively hostile and should be shot on sight. Try to be aware of which AI tribe currently has The Artifact. Either find out by checking the map or asking other players.

You should avoid shooting at or pointing your weapon at neutral or friendly AI. You should select another tool that is not a weapon when around neutral AI to avoid accidental firing.
In the event that another player accidentally fires upon a neutral AI, do not return fire. The neutral AI will only be hostile towards that specific player and it is best to back away to not be caught in the crossfire until they calm down.
If you are the one who accidentally fired upon a neutral AI, go somewhere else and avoid AI of that tribe until they calm down.

When in doubt, don't fire until fired upon. If fired upon, defend yourself.

Important Things You Should Always Keep In Mind

There are some things that you should always remember regardless of what you are doing in the game.

Utilitarian and tactical needs come first:

This is something you should keep in mind before you go out building that fancy house of yours.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't engage in any creative building projects at all, but I am saying that you should remember that other things can and will often take priority. Keep in mind that at any time you may have to temporarily drop any aesthetic building projects you may be working on to assist in other tasks.

With this in mind, if you plan to build something nice it helps to stay practical. This is a very "function over form" game, and structures that have a function will tend to stick around longer simply because they are useful. If you are going to build elaborate staircases or buildings in the settlement then make sure they do not impede navigation or get in the way, otherwise they are very likely to be demolished if they get in the way or the opportunity replace it with something more helpful comes around.

Try not become too attached to what you build. Many new player have problems with this at first. Remember that nowhere is guaranteed to be safe in Love and nothing is ever 100% secure. Stuff will be destroyed as a result of combat and structures may be demolished for a variety of reasons. Be prepared to deal with this.

Stay in touch with your fellow players:

It is HIGHLY recommend that you join the TeamSpeak server regardless of whether or not you have a microphone or are willing to use one, as players will use it to notify others of important events and they may not always remember to put them into the in-game chat.

If you do not know what to do, ask someone else what currently needs doing. If you need help, ask for it. If you are doing something important, be sure to inform everyone else. The more everyone is aware of what everyone else is doing the better.

When in doubt, ask other players about the current situation. You want to be at least somewhat aware of what is going on at all times. Things can sometimes move very fast in Love and a lot of things may happen in a short amount of time that will directly affect your current task or situation.
You do not want to be the guy running around confused and getting killed over and over when the shit hits the fan!

Do not become too single minded:

This is a problem many players run into, both new and old. It's very easy in this game to become so focused on doing something that you lose awareness of everything else. Try to stay aware of what is going on around you.

Be prepared to switch tasks frequently if needed. You may need to put whatever you are doing on hold to assist another player or to deal with potential threats.
Don't get caught up in something trivial while everything is going horribly wrong around you. You do not want to be the guy who continues to fiddle while Rome burns.

Tasks That Almost Always Need Doing:

There are some tasks that are relatively straightforward and almost always need doing. If you are in doubt as to what you should be doing or if there aren't any other specific tasks to be done at present, consider taking on any of these tasks.

Some of these tasks include:

Securing and directing power sources:
Going out to find power wells and directing their beams back the settlement can usually be helpful whatever the case. Even if a settlement has enough power to fulfill its current needs, spares are useful given how often power sources can be severed or destroyed. If you are unsure of what needs powering, simply direct the beam back to an idle power wire somewhere near the settlement for later use.

Destroying enemy outposts:
As The Domination spreads, the dominating AI tribe will build outposts throughout their area of influence. These can pose a serious threat to the players and friendly AI nearby. Their presence can make traveling around the world and many other tasks much more difficult. Going out and destroying these outposts where they occur can reduce hostile pressure on the player settlement and make it easier for everyone else to move around.

Securing and automating resource collection:
Simply picking up random resources and bringing them back to the settlement isn't always useful because what resources are immediately needed depends on what you are trying to set up. However, setting up infrastructure to ease collection later on can be much more useful in the long run, as more powerful weapons, infuses, and matter mix pods require large amounts of resources that are slow to gather by hand. If you can automate collection of a needed resource from a source then this will greatly ease the process.

Token seed collection:
Unless a settlement has all the tokens it needs, collecting token seeds will help better equip a settlement. When collecting tokens keep in mind where tokens like to appear (rooms built into the sides of cliffs and in towers for instance). When bringing back tokens, try to group generic tokens (build, core, and art) together so that they are easy to locate. When in doubt, ask other players how they are being organized or toss them to another player for placement. If a settlement truly doesn't need a token you bring back, then the token may be converted into resources using the furnace.

More Situational Tasks:

These are tasks that will vary in urgency depending on the current situation and usually need a bit more coordination with other players in order to evaluate when they should be taken on.

Some of these tasks that commonly occur include:

Setting up generic tokens:
Generic tokens require resources to convert them into a token or object, so this task requires more coordination from other players to evaluate which tokens are currently needed most and to reduce the creation of duplicates. Weapon tokens, infuses, and matter mixes require large amounts of resources and greatly benefit from automation.

Setting up infrastructure:
Infrastructure to distribute energy and ease transportation of players and items can make ordinary tasks much smoother. If you have an idea of how to improve the settlement's infrastructure, be sure to notify other players before doing so and ask for assistance where necessary.

Freeing AI settlements from occupation:
This will increase the number of friendly AI available to assist you and help counteract the increasing presence of the dominating AI tribe. Freeing an AI settlement can vary greatly in difficulty depending on a number of factors, and can range from being an easy task you can simply do all by yourself to something that requires a significant amount of help and resources. Some things that can make freeing an AI settlement difficult are large numbers of hostile AI or outposts and difficult to reach occupation monoliths. If these prevent you from easily freeing an AI settlement then you may need to ask for help in doing so.

Destroying The Domination:
Destroying the dominating AI settlement can range in difficulty and urgency depending on the current situation. Destroying the dominating AI settlement early on may be desirable if it happens to be in very close to the settlement or for some reason happens to pose a great immediate threat. On the other hand, you may not want to immediately assault a dominating AI settlement if it doesn't pose a threat early on in order to prevent it from possibly cycling to a much more immediately threatening Domination. You'll have to discuss with your fellow players to decide whether it is the right time to attack the dominating AI settlement.


There are some emergency situations where you are strongly encouraged to drop whatever you are doing in order to assist in resolving them. These are usually situations that either threaten the player settlement or put the players at a severe disadvantage.

Some of these situations include:

Attack by large number of hostile AI:
If there are several hostile AI bearing down on the settlement with bomb pods or something to that effect, notify everyone to come to the defense of the settlement as soon as possible to minimize the damage.

Bombardment by hostile Artillery and/or Pod Throwers:
If you see blue bolts streaking down into the settlement from the sky and going boom be sure to alert everyone immediately! In this situation it becomes important to locate the artillery piece in question and deal with it somehow as soon as possible to minimize possible damage.

Attack from hostile outpost:
Sometimes the dominating AI will set up one or more outposts near the settlement to bombard the settlement using BFG Turrets, Bomb Pods, or Pod Throwers. These outposts need to be destroyed immediately as they can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time.

Rain and flooding:
Sometimes when the Omprelly Enclave (Blue Tribe) are occupied, the dominating AI tribe may activate a Rain Machine. This will cause the world to flood and may complicate navigation until the machine is deactivated. Depending on where the Rain Machine is located this may be a simple one-man solo task or a more complicated one. In either case, it is something that will usually need to be addressed fairly quickly.


Yes, this is a game where you can lose.

If The Domination becomes so complete and severe that the players are unable to destroy it, or if something terrible happens that leaves the players simply unable to continue, it may become necessary to accept defeat in order for the game to continue.

The last resort when the players are unable to continue is the detonation of the Monolith, which instantly destroys the dominating AI settlement, but destroys the player settlement in the process.
Naturally, players will want to agree on this before doing so.

In most cases, Monolith detonation should be kept as a last resort after all other options have failed.