AI Interaction and Relationships

Players of Love can interact with the five AI factions of Love. AI may be hostile, friendly, or neutral towards players depending on the current situation.

Hostile/Dominating AI:

Most of the time, at least one AI tribe possesses the Artifact. This AI tribe is referred to as the dominating AI tribe. You should always try to know which AI tribe is currently the dominating AI tribe, as these AI will be hostile towards you and attempt to shoot you on sight. There is no way to have friendly interaction with the the dominating AI tribe until they no longer possess the artifact.

Neutral AI:

Most AI tribes that are not the current dominating AI tribe will start out this way. Neutral AI will not shoot the player on sight, though they will be on their guard if the player points a weapon at them. These AI may often casually pass through the player settlement and will even provide materials to players should the player give them power pods in their own settlements. However, if a player fires upon a neutral AI, that AI tribe will become hostile to that player specifically but not to the player settlement as a whole and they don't hold grudges for too long.

If another player fires on a neutral AI and all of that AI tribe in the area begins firing, it is usually best to stand back until they calm down as they will only be hostile to that specific player.

Friendly AI:

An AI becomes friendly towards the players if the player free them from an occupation. These AI will actively come to the player settlement to provide protection, occasionally assist players in combat against the dominating AI tribe, and will even take orders from players to a limited extent (see below). These AI become harder than neutral AI to anger by friendly fire and are not suspicious of players if they have a weapon ready in their presence.

Friendly AI will assist players in combat a number of ways:
-They will sometimes come out of nearby teleporters to reinforce players who are fighting the dominating AI tribe.
-They will sometimes drop useful pods like Health Pods and Tesla Pods to heal and give energy to players.
-They will sometimes follow and escort players to some extent.

When a friendly AI is following you, you may tell them to move to a location by using the pointer (E by default) and they will move to that location if they are able to.


While AI are unable to talk, they can communicate through gestures. For example, AI will bow to you if their settlement is under attack or if their settlement is being occupied and they will often raise their hands into the air to indicate that their are friendly.