AI Behavior and Tactics

General information

The dominating AI's main objective is to occupy all other AI settlements and attack the players in order to prevent them from interfering.


An occupation occurs when the dominating AI's area of influence passes over another AI settlement and they take control of the said settlement. This gives the dominating AI abilities and equipment associated with the AI tribe they have occupied.

Freeing an AI settlement from occupation will cause that AI tribe to become allies with the players. Allied AI tribes will provide reinforcements as well as materials to the player. This helps counteract the dominating AI tribe's increasing presence in the world and help prevent the players from becoming overwhelmed.

In order to free an AI settlement from occupation, the players must destroy the occupation monolith placed in that settlement by the dominating AI. This is done by shooting at its breaker.


The Artillery is an offensive token that fires long range artillery shells at player settlements or AI settlements in an attempt to destroy their tokens and to cause damage in general. The range of the Artillery is one pyrosphere in lengthor 127 blocks.

If the player settlement comes under attack by artillery, it may be stopped by freeing the AI settlement that has the artillery from occupation or disabling the artillery by severing its power source.

Rain Machine

If the Omprelly Enclave (blue AI tribe) becomes occupied by the dominating AI tribe, then dominating AI tribe may activate the Rain Machine, causing rain to fall. More importantly, this will eventually cause the world to flood. This may help or hinder navigating the world depending on where you are. The maximum level to which the water level rises will depend on how high or low the power source for the Rain Machine is, as the water level with rise until the power source is submerged (power sources stop functioning when submerged). The water level will fluctuate up to this maximum height and back down repeatedly until the Omprelly Enclave is freed from occupation or the Rain Machine's power source is somehow severed.

Note that the Rain Machine is generally not activated if the Omprelly Enclave are the dominating AI tribe.

Bridges and Tunnels

Bridges and tunnels are used by the AI to assault player settlements and generally piss ignorant players off.

All tunnels are used to breach player settlements

Types of bridges:

  • Red bridges are used to attack tokens
  • Blue bridges are used to travel long distances


The dominating AI tribe will create outposts in the world as their area of influence expands in order to make it difficult for the players and other AI tribes. These are mini-settlements of sorts which often consist of a spawner, one or more power sources, and one or more turrets. Destroying these will reduce the dominating AI tribe's presence in the area.

Some outposts may feature more specialized weapons like BFG turrets and Flame Pod Throwers that may be used to attack the player settlement more directly. These outposts should be destroyed as soon as possible to reduce possible damage.


Players should keep in mind that opposing AI may use a variety of weapons that have different effects, though not as many as the players can eventually have access to. Some of these include:
-HyperBlaster: Identical to the player's HyperBlaster except it is color coded and its bullets travel slower.
-Shotgun: A short-range spreading weapon with high damage that fires several pellets per shot.
-Teleporter Gun: Teleports players randomly to remove them from the area. It fires large, slow moving, yellow particle blobs that are relatively easy to dodge.
-Shield Gun: Fires a small shield that stops and expands after travelling a short distance. Used to create temporary cover.
-Slug Rifle: A long range "sniper rifle" of sorts. Its bullets are instantaneous and do high damage.
-Rocket: An explosive projectile that creates an damaging area of effect on impact.
-Bomb Pods: Explosive self-propelled projectiles that do a lot of damage and are capable of destroying pieces of land.

While the AI do not get as many possible weapons as the players, they do get some turrets and defensive emplacements that are unique to them. Some of these include:
-Tesla Turret:
Instantaneous and high damage area of effect with short range. Coming into range of a Tesla Turret almost guarantees a quick death, and should be treated as area of effect barriers until they are cut off from power.
-BFG Turret:
A turret that fires Bomb Pods. While the projectiles are slow and easy to dodge, they are capable of destroying terrain and objects. Because of this, use of hard cover is less effective against them.
A pink forcefield wall that kills players that wander into it. Cut it off from its power supply to get past it.

Use of Teleporters

The AI is capable of using the Teleporters that occur throughout the world. The applies to both friendly and hostile AI. Hostile AI have been known to occasionally use Teleporters to ambush players as they pass by. On the other hand, friendly AI may come out of nearby Teleporters to assist the player.

AI Weaknesses/Disadvantages

The AI have a number of weaknesses and disadvantages compared to players that you may use to your advantage. Some of these include:
-AI Often Have Slower Projectiles:
Some AI weapons have slower projectiles than their player equivalents. This makes it easier to dodge incoming fire from a distance.
-AI Have Trouble Leading Targets:
While the AI are often quite accurate against slow moving or stationary targets, they have trouble tracking fast moving targets. Staying on the move when under fire can greatly reduce the damage you take.
-AI Can Be Slow To Switch Weapons:
AI generally try to use the weapon most appropriate for the range their opponent is at. However, they take longer than players to put away their current weapon and draw out another one.
-AI Are Often Slow to React When Flanked:
AI are most effective against opponents who are in front of them. When attacked from the sides or from behind they are often rather slow to turn around and return fire.

AI Strengths/Advantages

The AI also have a number of advantages over players that you may want to be aware of when fighting them. Some of these include:
-AI Have Numerical Superiority:
AI almost always outnumber players.
-AI Can Project A Formidable Wall of Fire:
Because of the above as well as the dominating AI's outpost and turret building abilites, the AI are very good at throwing up large amounts of mass blaster fire when attacked head on.
-AI Tend To Get Early Weapon Access:
While players have a much larger selection of possible weapons, players are generally receive these weapons rather slowly over a longer period of time. The AI have a smaller selection of weapons, but generally get their weapons much more quickly.
-AI Have More Spawn Points:
Dominating AI will build outposts as their territory expands, which means they generally have more re-spawn areas throughout the world than the players do.