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Posted on 8th November 2012 at 10:24AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

Eskil Steenberg on PC Gamer UK Podcast Website Screenshot

Eskil spills a singular bean, on his new strategy game.

Listen to the podcast at PC Gamer.

Posted on 9th September 2012 at 8:17AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

Mewler has created a fantastic video showing off some of the new advanced features of Love.

Posted on 8th September 2012 at 4:01PM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (1)

Posted on 8th September 2012 at 3:49PM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

Eskil announced today that his pride and joy, Love, is now free to play. Anyone can download the 60mb file and begin playing without the subscription payment.

The game servers have been overloaded for the past 24 hours, so just wait a few minutes if you are unable to join. Please feel free to join the official Love Teamspeak server and chat to the friendly Love community.

Help spread the Love, upvote this on Reddit.

Posted on 8th September 2012 at 3:43PM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

In this new video, Eskil outlines the many ways you can approach different obstacles in Love

Posted on 3rd March 2012 at 4:58PM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

Eskil is away

Yes its that time of the year again, GDC time! Hopefully to demo and get some more interest in Love, and other projects.


Posted on 3rd February 2012 at 8:47AM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (0)

Hey guys! Within 24 hours or so there's going to be a huge update to love. Lots of changes to internal systems, graphics, and gameplay. A rumored lack of AI might spark some "creative mode". Keep a watch out on Eskil's twitter .

Posted on 6th January 2012 at 11:35PM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (0)

So. Eskil finally added Monitor Lizards (see Twitter if you don't believe me). But we now have another one of those newfangled concepts that Eskil talks about on podcasts: Infuse. Once upon a time, it was described that players would be able to use matter mixes for a duration on themselves, possibly in the form of dive gear. Well, the dive gear option is out, but we still get the results. It'll possibly involve the yellow tribe. I'd prefer to be able to do it ourselves, but that's a different matter. Eskil's making progress, and that's what counts.

~Old Man Samakon, Master of Progress Reports

Posted on 20th November 2011 at 5:44AM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (0)

Eskil's latest server and client patches have fixed most of the problems, and the game is playable for a while. We're still missing a few links in the "life cycle" of the world, but everything else is fine. There are new tokens to unlock as well. Most, save the cable and bomb pods, icons are back to normal. As always, check out the teamspeak server if you need a friend account to try the game. To tide you over, here's my new TS avatar, in all its glory:
We are a Culture, not a Costume

~ Old Man Samakon, Master of News Posts

Posted on 4th November 2011 at 7:23PM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (0)

Eskil has put out a barebones release. No, that's not a link to Monitor Lizards. All jokes aside, this release should have a lot of the features highlighted in the podcast (see old post). As always, we'll be on teamspeak (teamspeak.quelsolaar.com:9987) to field any immediate questions and friend account requests. The fun starts here.

EDIT: not yet. as of 4 pm. Central time Eskil has screwed up the release and you can't play. I'm sure it'll be fixed later tonight (my guess is around midnight?)

EDIT: as of 1 am-ish, Eskil made a fix, so you can actually log in and play, but it's still a bit...difficult. Some issues with icons and colored tokens for now.

EDIT: Around 12:00 AM Monday (American Central time) Eskil made a server-side fix, that should make everything playable again, minus the icons. Tokens should be visible and present again.

~Old Man Samakon, Master of Ridiculously Infrequent Updates.

Posted on 30th October 2011 at 6:50AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

We discuss awesome things: getting super powers, head, Battlefield 3?, super token hell, a new paid alpha, the internet, our old bases, things to come, game play suggestions, etc. (not in that order AT ALL).

Edit: Podcast has been exported again with better quality settings.

Intro music: Bad Religion - God's Love

Outro music: White Stripes - Fell in Love With a Girl

You are missing some Flash content that should appear here! Perhaps your browser cannot display it, or maybe it did not initialize correctly.

Posted on 28th April 2011 at 2:01AM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (0)

Hey guys, had a good talk with Eskil today about the (unheard of) Upgrade system. Expect a server and client release tomorrow (for America, Today for EU, and Yesterday for those time travelling NZ/AUS people....). This sounds like a good thing. That persistent pod inventory will finally see fruition. Anyway, here were the notes i took:

You unlock tools one by one
unlock tokens every few minutes
after all tokens are unlocked, you start getting slots
you get slots for DOING things.... (whhhhaaatttt)
everyone goes through once, then experienced players are done.

saved mixes
pick up a triple mix, hit "save" and it's in your tab menu
cooldowns - probably 5 minutes.
can have more than one of same type
pod slots - 256 max WHATTTTTTTTTTT
so screw ups aren't that big of a problem
pods are persistent in "inventory", Server restarts wash them away. (for now)

Posted on 19th April 2011 at 4:20AM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (0)

do you really understand? Can anyone really understand? It's that special time where Valve actually releases a real game. I showered, ate some rice crispies and a banananana. Then some cookies. And more milk. Got my pretzels and water supply ready. All of this started at 10:10 PM. This ritual made me feel ready. I am ready. Are you?

Posted on 28th March 2011 at 11:28AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

You are missing some Flash content that should appear here! Perhaps your browser cannot display it, or maybe it did not initialize correctly.

Podcast 8 is now live! We talk about Eskil's absence while at GDC, moonlighting, and the current and pending state of Love, in a RAW and unedited 2 hour extravaganza of manners and being polite. Until we get tired of that shit mid-way through and relax. Text-ins were finally implemented in this episode, for all of you non-talkers and listeners out there. Join us on teamspeak next time. I will post announcements in the Steam Group, "Modern Lovers." In addition, Monitor Lizards have leveled up and learned the new ability, "Ice Cream Encapsulation." Enjoy :D

Posted on 28th March 2011 at 9:23AM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (0)

Podcast 8 is now live (whenever the fuck Rastabon gets his lazy ass in gear)! We talk about Eskil's absence at GDC, moonlighting, and the current and pending state of Love, in a RAW and unedited 2 hour extravaganza of manners and being polite. Until we get tired of that shit mid-way through and relax. Text-ins were finally implemented in this episode, for all of you non-talkers and listeners out there. Join us on teamspeak next time. I will post announcements in the Steam Group, "Modern Lovers." In addition, Monitor Lizards have leveled up and learned the new ability, "Ice Cream Encapsulation." Enjoy :D

Posted on 12th March 2011 at 9:29PM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (2)

Since Eskil's Teamspeak server is down, we are currently using the Love in Verses Teamspeak server until Eskil stops being a jerk (puts the server back up). The ip is loveinvers.es and the port is 9987. Feel free to join us there.

~Old Man Samakon, Master of Emergency Protocols.

Posted on 24th February 2011 at 7:31AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

Eskil is away

Eskil will be away at GDC, The Game Developers Conference, for the next 2 weeks surely to promote a game he has been working on. Something about "Love". Alongside his primary mission, we have given him a checklist of things to do. He is tasked to infiltrate and blend in with the developers of Minecraft or Battlefield 3, and to send us the juice in a timely fashion.

Best of luck, and see you soon.

Posted on 22nd January 2011 at 11:28AM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (0)

There's a good journal-styled review of Love that deserves mention. It's always nice to see how other people experience the game for the first time. I'm looking forward to the rest of it being released.

~ Old Man Samakon, Master of Appreciating Love Appreciators

Posted on 22nd January 2011 at 7:17AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (1)

Quintin Smith of Rock Paper Shotgun has written a new feature article on Love. Eskil recently met up with Quintin at a London bar, refreshing his experience from one year ago. Go to the source: Love Grows Stronger, Deeper, Cheaper

Rock Paper Shotgun Screenshot

Posted on 21st January 2011 at 7:38AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

Eskil has posted a new tutorial video introducing the basics of Love. It replaces his popular introduction video from 2009.

Posted on 18th January 2011 at 6:08AM GMT+0000 by Guv_Bubbs | Comments (0)

After recording a Podcast in the morning, we all built a huge settlement with a bunch of new players. It was really interesting to start the game without the Blaster or the Smooth Edit tokens. It forced us to go and find new Tokens right away, which was a nice change of pace. There were some problems with getting around in the beginning but that can be fixed.


Posted on 14th January 2011 at 10:05AM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (1)

Hey guys! We've set up an emergency teamspeak server to replace my emergency ventrillo server. We'll more than likely take it down when "Eskil" fixes his "shit." RAWR. Monitor Lizards might attack you if you don't come say hi.

Teamspeak Connection Details:

Server: loveinvers.es
Port: 9987 (default)

Or click here to join it now! Be sure to Bookmarks->Add to Bookmarks.


Posted on 6th January 2011 at 11:18PM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

Eskil presents a presentation at a dubiously named conference at June 2010. Go:

Posted on 15th December 2010 at 12:27AM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (0)

So. We're nearing a special time of the year, and everyone just needs some good lovin' to get by. Here you go:

Posted on 13th December 2010 at 11:56AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (3)

Over the next couple of days, we will be moving to a shiny new server in Fremont, California hosted by Linode. The current host, Mediatemple, seems to have slowed down somewhat over the last 4 years I have been with them.

The DNS will need to be changed, so not everyone will switch over immediately.

If you are seeing this message, you are now viewing the site on the new server.

Edit: it seems the file host is taking a while to migrate, podcasts will be unavailable until DNS propagates completely.

Seeing red? Or any kind of quirk? Having performance issues? Slowdowns? Please report it in the comments below!

Posted on 7th December 2010 at 3:39PM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (7)

Yellow people, Mac and 64 bit clients and Befriending AI.

You are missing some Flash content that should appear here! Perhaps your browser cannot display it, or maybe it did not initialize correctly.

Lots of music this episode, unfortunately Samakon hasn't learned to stop the main track (Eskil talking) while he plays his music. In any case:

Posted on 22nd November 2010 at 9:22PM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (1)

What the fuck?

So all of the players in Love are female. What about the AI? Shouldn't they be giving US gifts instead? Yes, female characters need to "shop" but still.....

Is there going to be a black friday deal in Love???

I've been working on the podcast, It's probably going to be > 2 hours with new special features. I think everyone will be pleased and entertained. I've also got some nasty throat sickness.

~Old Man Samakon

Posted on 21st November 2010 at 11:22PM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (2)

Thought we could do with some audio content while Old Man Samakon is grinding away at podcast number 7.

This is for Eskil:

Posted on 24th October 2010 at 9:09AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (3)

This episode, we disuss AI's self destructive behaviours, outposts, and occupations.

You are missing some Flash content that should appear here! Perhaps your browser cannot display it, or maybe it did not initialize correctly.

This episode stars Samakon, Debri, Corolli, Feneer and Eskil.

Intro music: Hot Chip – Hand Me Down Your Love

Outro music: John Mayer – Good Love Is On The Way

Posted on 2nd October 2010 at 8:10AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (1)

A micro cast starring Eskil, who describes "Super Tokens".

Be sure to subscribe to the podcast!

You are missing some Flash content that should appear here! Perhaps your browser cannot display it, or maybe it did not initialize correctly.

This episode stars Samakon, and Eskil.

Posted on 1st October 2010 at 4:24AM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (0)

So. Eskil's been adding some really awesome things to his game as of late, unlike Valve. Most notably, the new supertokens.
First Airborne Division
Yeah. Pretty fuckin' awesome. Look for those awesome super tokens in the AI bases. Keep in mind that the AI will be really pissed at you for taking them, and eventually, they'll try to take the supertokens back.
Quick rundown:

  • Red Death Star: Gives the player an awesome toolset including BFG, Dive Gear, Binoculars, and the now useless Config Tool.
  • Yellow Balloon Maker: Produces 2 hot air balloons which will fly players in the direction of the wind when a player hops on.
  • Green Source of Life: Grants players 100 power/second in the area around it.
  • Blue Orb of Power: Provides 32 power/second to all objects in a small radius.
  • White Orb of Knowledge: Projects a globe-map of the world with different resources and other useful info.

Now. Combine the yellow and red super tokens, and what do you get? That's right, a Helicopter Gunship.

~Old Man Samakon, Master of Hellicopter Gunships

Posted on 24th September 2010 at 9:09AM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (0)

RAWR!. So. we have THIS:
It should speak for itself, but WHAT DOES IT MEAN?. Are Love's horizons broadening? I suppose so. This project was kept a complete secret. I heard nothing. All we can hope for now is that Mac-people use teamspeak. If so, hop on and ask us anything, and we'll be happy to help ya out! Except for Lynx, and we all know why that is. Alternatively, we have this semi-on-semi-off podcast deal on itunes where we talk with Eskil about Love. I'm still editing the fifth podcast, which might turn into a two-parter because I have so much content to work with. But seriously, feel free to get on the TS server and have a chat with us. You may even see Eskil on there and talk with him too.....

~Old Man Samakon

Posted on 12th September 2010 at 11:29PM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (0)

The reds are back, and cooler than ever. I recently raided one of their crazy underground complexes.... They had fires and underground rivers EVERYWHERE. I also got Rocket and Blaster Turret. I only wish I had taken screenshots....

~Old Man Samakon, Master of Ruskie Slaying.

Posted on 10th September 2010 at 8:27PM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (0)

Hey guys, rumor has it that there might be a person from massively livestreaming some Love tonight. So you regulars should be on tonight while I'm at work. I'll be back around 10:15PM American Central time. Anyway, if this goes over well, I might give away some vouchers for those who participate. A Massively endorsement would be pretty massive for love's success.

~Old Man Samakon, Master of Giveaways

Posted on 2nd September 2010 at 7:04AM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (0)

Love is Free. This weekend. As it should be (irl). Eskil isn't really a hippie, but come on man, it's free love! Check out Quel Solaar for the official Love site.

As a special promotional event, this weekend will be an all-access-crazy-fun-fest with extra hyphe-ns!!!--! Players new and old are welcome to join us at any time on teamspeak for help, questions, and some good lovin'. If you are interested in the free weekend feel free to talk to us or check out some Awesome Guides. If you prefer videos rather than reading, watch the unscripted guide videos here. Take it from me, Love is pretty freakin' cool.

~Old Man Samakon, Master of Promotional News Posts

Posted on 27th August 2010 at 11:41AM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (0)

So. The Alpha Dogs all got on and made a base tonight. It's pretty fuckin' epic. Several new players got on along the way to help a little :P. Things got a little crazy with the Poltergeist(wtf?!?!) but we somehow made it through. Really epic base with screenshots and videos on the way. It feels really really good to finally reach end game. It's been what, 2 months?

~ Old Man Samakon, Master of Ghost Fighting

Posted on 10th August 2010 at 7:12AM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (0)

Recent talks with Eskil....
The no-lag patch is out. Simply download and replace your old client from here. There is no bin update for this patch, but a new zip will be released with the new exe soon enough (check twitter updates for this). The recent fixes to both server and client include reduced latency, less server lag (the ai work SOOO much better), and everything feels a lot smoother.

It was exciting to finally have a real battle with some blue AI. They used Slug Rifles!!! for the first time in forever. Everything felt so right tonight. Rebalanced difficulties seemed spot on (no more insta-death Artillery shots). Progress has been restored (for all you grinders.....) and things seemed more fun all around. I asked Eskil about the flower+flower combination and he said, "I'll look in to that."

After much laughter and funny banter about uncommonly interesting server-side crap, Eskil asked if I'd "figured out the windmills yet?" Being my usual self, I assuaged his question with an "oh yeah! The wind explosive constantly going off next to the windmill for constant increased power output......" but that wasn't it. There's something ELSE. Then Eskil creeped around up there for a bit with things like "I don't want to spoil it....." and crap. Just as he was about to give us a hint, his internet started crapping out (LIKELY STORY) and I heard something like: "--ndmill rever--- ..... I'll just type it for you." Can you guess what he said?


Absolutely nothing. He dropped from the teamspeak channel. The End.

But really, I want to know. I want to make another podcast soon now that Love is interesting and all, so hang out on teamspeak. In the meantime, leave me some comments on what you think is up with the Windmills. Things are getting hot again.

~Old Man Samakon, Master of Fire Lighting

Posted on 3rd August 2010 at 7:42PM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (0)

So. Eskil's away again. Just like GDC, things are slumping..... way down. But hey, once we get some progress stability things will be back to normal right? .... right?

Oh well. Keep playing, keep grinding. That's what it's all about now. Props to whoever records the rest of the triple melder effects.

~Old Man Samakon, Master of bieng Disgruntled.

Posted on 24th July 2010 at 8:19AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

Welcome to the fourth edition of the Love in Verses podcast, it has taken a little while to get this one out (it was recorded on the weekend of Avails' initial alpha release). Speculation of what Avail will comprise of, and some feature fantasies are the main discussion of this episode.

Be sure to subscribe to the podcast. Don't forget, you can download it directly or simply stay a while, and listen:

You are missing some Flash content that should appear here! Perhaps your browser cannot display it, or maybe it did not initialize correctly.

This episode stars Samakon, Eskil, Genubon, Debri, Rastabon and Pleion. and has a duration of 27 minutes.

Intro music: Incubus - Love Hurts
Outro music: The White Stripes - You Don’t Know What Love Is (You Just Do What You're Told)

Posted on 21st July 2010 at 7:56AM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (0)

Hey guys, more awesome media here for you today. I created a nice little guide to beginning love for the new players a few days ago, and I finally have all the crazy streaming media crap up and running. It was recorded live and fully uncut(mostly because I'm really freakin lazy). We tried to keep everything clean and SFW. As a side note: Rastabon sucks. Here's the guide! You can also find these videos on the Getting Started page. Do enjoy!

~Old Man Samakon, Master of Love Media

Part 1

Go to: http://livestre.am/fQn2

Part 2

Go to: http://livestre.am/fQn4

Part 3

Go to: http://livestre.am/fQn3

Posted on 13th July 2010 at 1:29PM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

So, Avail alpha is out and its time that we revive the to do page once again. Verses might need to be re-jiggered to cope with the new things that have been introduced.

Happy wiki updating, a new podcast is on its way.

Posted on 11th July 2010 at 7:03AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

Recently, Samakon, Genubon and myself, Rastabon, decided that we should film the construction of a player base, from start to finish. At the time, the server was in a perfect state, so it only took 1 hour 41 minutes in real time to complete the base. I have increased the speed of the video so it completes in 34 minutes, you may want to watch it in the background. In clockwise order, we have Samakon, Rastabon, followed by a static camera watching the progress of construction, and Genubon. A bigger version of the video can be found at Vimeo.

Samakon and Rastabon explore for most of the game. Genubon explores for approximately 30 minutes, then directs his attention to achieving his life-long dream of becoming a Tekton.

The 720p version will be inserted into the podcast feed in a few days, all you need to do is subscribe.

A 30x version of the static camera found in the base is at Youtube, it completes in 3 minutes.

Posted on 2nd July 2010 at 9:06AM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (2)

Hey everyone. We need to talk some real shit. Old Man Rastabon has decided that our site should be a little bit more serious, and a little less Monitor Lizard links. Rest assured, the Monitor Lizard page will remain on the site here, it just won't be linked as much. Feel free to visit it as often as you like! This will be the last news post containing a direct link to the Monitor Lizard page. To make up for the loss I give you one token of solace:
buy this

PS, be sure to subscribe to the PODCAST for some good discussions on Love with Eskil that don't contain any references to Monitor Lizards.

Posted on 29th June 2010 at 1:57PM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

This is the third episode of the Love in Verses Podcast, here we discuss Eskil's trip to the United States, E3, Eskil's desire to steal a Nintendo 3DS from a Booth Babe, Avail and its matter mixing features, and many other exciting topics.

This episode was very spontaneous, so the levels of the participants are a little off. Sorry, turn up the volume! We'll (Samakon) be sure to fix it next time.

Be sure to subscribe to the podcast. As always, you can download it directly or stay a while, and listen:

You are missing some Flash content that should appear here! Perhaps your browser cannot display it, or maybe it did not initialize correctly.

This episode stars Samakon, Eskil, Genubon, Debri and Lynx. and has a duration of 41 minutes.

Intro music: The Beatles - All You Need Is Love

Outro music: The Beatles - The End

Posted on 24th June 2010 at 7:48PM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (0)

5:30 PM GMT. It's all on Feneer now. Anyone in the UK should feel obligated to go. Be sure to bring a themed gift!

~Old Man Samakon, Master of Reminders

Posted on 19th June 2010 at 3:05PM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

Our second Love in Verses podcast, this episode we primarily discuss the new matter mixing concept of Love.

Subcribe to the podcast in iTunes, and other podcasting clients. Optionally, you can either download it directly or listen to it right here:

You are missing some Flash content that should appear here! Perhaps your browser cannot display it, or maybe it did not initialize correctly.

This episode stars Samakon, Feneer, Genubon, Debri, Lynx and Rastabon and has a duration of 52 minutes.

Intro music: BT - Love Can Kill You

Posted on 17th June 2010 at 9:17AM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (4)

I really want to get the second podcast recorded. Anyone who wants to be involved should get on teamspeak. We'll set up a time soon. I'm hoping to discuss at least SOME of the following: Matter, bug fixes that we need to report/remind eskil of, the Love meet-up in London, some E3 news(maybe), some LiV stuff, and possible applications for an ever-wanted love-server-API, . whew. We can also discuss anything that you guys would like as well. We also need to set up a community feedback form like twitter questions on real podcasts. Hopefully we can get enough co-stars to get the second show recorded, as well as Eskil, tonight(6/17/2010 normal American time). E3 will be over, and he'll have no excuse but to join us/fix his game.

A few things thought up with Feneer:

  • AntiMatter Possibilities. Extreme rarity and single use mixxing-with powerful effects (chaff+antimatter=a bomb pod, cable+antimatter=hookshot pod, etc.)
  • Other Matter possibilities (Molotov Pod=Jar+gas+heating)
  • Power Reflector Limits. (raise it?)
  • Matter Mixer? I want detailed instruction on the interface and how everything is going to work. pronto. MUST MAKE WIKI ARTICLES
  • .....

Feel free to leave your suggestions in comments, "a la" twitter question style :D

~Old Man Samakon, Master of Podcasts

Posted on 13th June 2010 at 11:23AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

We've done some spring cleaning here at the Verse, you may notice that the buttons along the masthead have been changed. The community button now links to some ways on how us players can connect, such as Teamspeak and the Steam group. The podcast is now a feature as well.

The left sidebar has been rearranged and the user login can now be found as a button on the masthead navigation. And we are trialling a Google Site Search feature, but this is not working so well at the moment, so it has been demoted down a little. As soon as Google results improve for Love in Verses, we will likely move it to a prime position along the top.

Of course, some new buttons for the Steam group and Podcast have also been added to the sidebar.

Happy Browsing, Old Man Rastabon.

Posted on 13th June 2010 at 10:11AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

Eskil is away

Eskil will not be focusing 100% on Love for the next few weeks, for he will be at E3 for the next week, and London the week after.

Because of this, we do not expect a podcast featuring Eskil within is time. Maybe.

Posted on 8th June 2010 at 2:27PM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (2)

The dream is just beginning. This is the first ever Love in Verses podcast. For each episode, we're gonna talk to Eskil about the game, bugs, new ideas, and random fun poking :)

You can subscribe in iTunes or manually subscribe to the podcast feed with alternative podcasting applications..

Optionally, you can either download it directly or listen to it right here:

You are missing some Flash content that should appear here! Perhaps your browser cannot display it, or maybe it did not initialize correctly.

This episode stars Samakon, Feneer, Genubon and of course Eskil and lasts for a whopping 51 minutes. More episodes are to come, and don't forget to leave a comment with your feedback.

Credit: goes to Samakon for the mad editing skillz and Rastabon for super awesome leveling and technical website stuff.

Intro music: Queen - Play the Game

Posted on 5th June 2010 at 6:58AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (1)

Just a quick public service announcement, if you have accidentally updated your Teamspeak client to the most recent version, you may be shocked to find that your new version does not work with Eskil's outdated server build.

As a workaround, uninstall you installation of Teamspeak 3 (most recent vB.21) and download the Beta 20 release . While you are waiting you should download some awesome sound bites.

So until Eskil updates the Teamspeak 3 server to its most recent build, you will have to suppress the urge to hit the update now button.

Update: Eskil updated the Teamspeak server to the latest version

Posted on 4th June 2010 at 5:37AM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (0)

so, the Avail testing was a great success. I had a lot of fun with the new features, while still being able to put up with the bugs they brought about! We had several really nice bases, some with Artillery and even the awesomely overpowered BFG.

In sadder news, we had a terrible event on thursday. Either through noobiness, or random greifing, we had a player destroy the artillery and leave. I had put a filter on the artillery("fire") so that no one did it accidently. Screenshot or it didn't happen? here:
it was amagineer

sigh. Anyway, the testing was still fun, and towards the beginning of avail, I even said "Man this feels like a real game!"

~Old Man Samakon, Master of Avail Testing.

Posted on 28th May 2010 at 11:51PM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

The AVAIL beta test weekend has begun. Download and break it now!

Posted on 23rd May 2010 at 11:29PM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

Just jumping in quickly to say that this weekend will be the AVAIL public beta/preview weekend. We need to get some attendance up so we can break the game before the final touches on the expansion are made.

Avail pack post from Eskil via GL.


I have been slogging away at the Avail expansion, and I'm coming up to a crucial junction of the development. The player tracking and upgrade system is about to be done, and it includes new interfaces, a lot of back end tracking, and some new interaction.

The main thing that is left is that all tokens, that now can be upgraded has to be tweaked so that they actually work differently if they are updated or not. This will mean that the number of flavors of tokens you can get will sky rocket, but it also means that some old tokens will go away and some new one will appear. Pretty much all upgradable tokes will in one way or another change.

So far, all the new things have been added to the same code base used to build the clients and servers that are out now. All I do is to just turn off some of the new things so that you cant see them. Even though you cant access them, that turns out to be useful, because having them run in the background lets me make sure they are working.

If I'm going to add and change all t tokens, its a big hassle to keep all the old stuff, and make sure that it works at the same time as I'm adding all the new stuff, so soon I'm going to branch the project and have a separate AVAIL code base where i can rip out all the old stuff. That means its going to be a bigger hassle to make fixes, but hopefully it wont be for too long.

Before i do all that, I do however want to test all the basic systems, so next weekend i will run a AVAIL preview weekend where you can get a chance to try out SOME of the new mechanics that will be coming in AVAIL. Hopefully i will be able to squash some bugs, and you get the chance to influence the design a little bit by giving me feedback.

I am still figuring out how exactly to run a game like this alone, so I'm trying stuff out. I enjoy making updates often, but on the other hand people usually take more note when something significant is released. Sometimes you can code something really cool and significant very fast (like the content export stuff i released earlier on the week) but sometimes you can work for days on under-the-hood stuff like networking, graphics optimizations, or stats tracking, without having much to show for it. I'm fairly sure that AVAIL is going to be worth the wait, and I hope Ill be able to keep doling out some goodies on the way.



Posted on 9th May 2010 at 12:29AM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (0)

Hey guys, even though this post is late, Let's talk (you guys listen :D) about the new content in the AVAIL update. Eskil added a new functionality to the TAB key. If you hold it down information about who's online and where they are in the world will be displayed on screen. If you have your mouse pointer released, then you can click on each name to add them to your new "Friends" bookmark section on the ui. This will give you a somewhat functional compass pointer to the friend at alltimes. As of the time I'm writing this, the display for each Friend calls them "Obessa" which is an awesome, unintentional Easter Egg from times passed..... But enough of that nostalgia for when all new players were called Alion and gigantic....or the time when all new players were named Obessa on first log-in..... Those were the days.... This update is a step in the right direction. Now players can say, "help me!" without saying "my coordinates are thiry-five one hundred and three eff," because we'll already know where they are. On the flipside, Avail enables psychotic Lovers to stalk important people in the community. Thank god(Samakon) there's no friendly fire or knife-stabbings.

I can't wait for you to stalk me,

~Old Man Samakon, Master of Stalking the Elusive Monitor Lizard

Posted on 3rd May 2010 at 11:07AM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (0)

Eskil just posted a new blog entry which announces the new AND free expansion pack for Love, 'AVAIL'.

Posted on 3rd May 2010 at 4:28AM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (0)

Eskil has slowed down in releasing stuff. We're bored. Those nice UK players, Alexander and Feneer made this enticing advertisement:


Posted on 29th April 2010 at 9:08PM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (0)

So. It's almost Summer. But what is Summer? Beach Season? Vacation? Hot? Juicy Watermelon? Let's hope Eskil doesn't choose a vacation. He should be back from Tronto after showcasing his new character animator by now. The teamspeak server was down earlier as well. Rather disappointing. But I know what Summer means to me. Zelda. Every Summer I play through Majora's Mask. Since Love hasn't really gotten any new content yet, that's my recommendation for all of you. Play that old fashioned game you loved from your childhood. Re-live the nostalgia of your yesteryears. Summer is all about those fond memories....

~Old Man Samakon, Master of Nostalgia

Posted on 18th April 2010 at 2:58AM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (0)

Despite how true the title is, we need to have a chat, most likely fireside. These new turrets that Eskil tweets about sound crazy-fun and likely overpowered. Are players going to get them? If so, how many? Single use or vending machine style? But about those being overpowered.... I can't think of a tesla co--er--"turret" that didn't kill people in 1 hit....
Where it all began
We could talk about the history of tesla "turrets," but wtf is going on in that picture? Allied player red has a tesla coil and a soviet barracks!?!? Or is it Soviet player red has an Allied war factory and AA gun?!?! Blasphemy! Anyway, Eskil better give us Bomb Manufacture if we're going to have to fight blaster, rocket, tesla, slug, and bfg turrets all at once. And don't forget about rocket pits.....

I'm all for making this game more challenging and having crazy ai-base firefights. This could be a crazy-good gameplay element. If Eskil gives us incendiary weapons to fight these new turrets, my thirst for Monitor Lizards might even be sated for a little while....

~Old Man Samakon, Master of News Articles and ellipses.....

Posted on 16th April 2010 at 7:06PM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (0)

Oh YEAH! Teamspeak finally works... but it reset our connection counter..... I no longer have ~300 .... pretty lame if you ask me. But hey, at least the game is running fine. Now the UK players have no excuse for not using teamspeak! Equality for all! If only they would take hold of the Monitor Lizard tradition and start Slurping....

~Old Man Samakon, Master of News Articles

Posted on 14th April 2010 at 10:17PM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (0)

Hey guys, we've got a shit-ton of updates finally arriving via Eskil today. New client release here. Yellow bases are back, and we have new Green Bases. Eventually, I'll update the wiki with info and screenshots. Now, most surfaces have actual textures! We'll have more updates to those later. Now if only Eskil would make us some new content.....

~Old Man Samakon, Master of News Articles

Posted on 7th April 2010 at 10:03PM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (0)

Just found out about this awesome post on joystiq, giving us a cool link. Be sure to check out our wiki, regardless of where you came in here from. Just remember, Monitor Lizards are pretty much the best tank in the game.

~Old Man Samakon, Master of News Articles

Posted on 5th April 2010 at 5:18AM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (1)

So Eskil has been doing some hard work on his Seduction Techniques as of late, so I guess we can't hound him for not working on the important stuff. I suppose I'd need a UI notification for the location of possible Monitor Lizard attacks. I don't think anything is wrong with the UI except that your first 2 tool-slots' context menus are brutaly chopped off. I know that Smooth Edit becomes "H Edit" on my screen. Hopefully we'll see some progress on fire weapons, wildlife (Monitor Lizards), dungeons, and player progression soon. I think any one of the 4 would be an excellent second-voucher premise to keep people playing. More people will keep buying if they can be assured of some sort of new and awesome content every month. "What did Eskil add to the game this month?" should be heard throughout teamspeak channels and seen in all those unscrollable text feeds. Let us not forget to have Eskil update the Teamspeak Server.

~Old Man Samakon, Master of News Articles

Posted on 1st April 2010 at 10:46AM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (1)

The Waiting Game is over. I have posted the final videos and explanations on the page, do enjoy. Thanks to all who participated! As some of you have guessed, the correct answer was Thermite. Congratulations to our 2 winners, WolfGang and Cacti! Next time I see you on teamspeak I will allocate you a voucher. Now let's get down to business:

We're going to all meet up in Candy Land, equip the Bomb Pods that I have created, and we're going to blow up all the homeless shelters and childrens' hospitals we can find. We will rape, pillage, or destroy all in our path. Survivors are NOT acceptable, and those responsible will be coerced with Saddle Pods into submission. That is all. Leave no evidence, not a trace.

~Old Man Samakon, Master of Disaster

Posted on 31st March 2010 at 11:02PM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (2)

Monitor Lizards, Attack! I got a new microphone, and it's as incredible as possible. Here's the link for my mic. Check that shit out.
But really, the newest update is player-made knowledge tokens!

~Old Man Samakon, Master of New Microphones

Posted on 29th March 2010 at 6:01AM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (0)

Hey guys! I've got those video clues I promised! Check that shit out. Comment to win, as always!!

The Waiting Game

~Old Man Samakon, Master of Awesome Contests

Posted on 25th March 2010 at 7:33AM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (0)

Come and get it for the taking, you scurvy dogs! You can download it here, any other information can be found at Quel Solaar. Love has been released at 2:27 am American Central Time. If you're new, be sure to check out the Teamspeak voice server. It would also be really cool if you checked out the Token Layout Guide. It'll give you some friendly guidelines on making a settlement successful, aesthetically pleasing, and making it easier on all players, new and old (man samakon), to find the tokens they're looking for.

~Old Man Samakon, Master Of News Articles

Posted on 24th March 2010 at 2:29AM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (1)

We FINALLY have a new client, after 3 weeks of having to tell everyone "get the rar'd client on LiV." It feels good to have "Old Ironsides" with us again. Or was it Iron Man? Oh yeah, that's right. Baa daa baa daa daa ba-da-da-da-da-da-da ba daaa daaaaa. Oh man.....anyway, there's a New Client per Eskil's mispelled Twitter Post. Because the link in his Twitter post is misspelled, it will not work. Rest assured, my download link is correct.

Eskil pretty much nailed out all the bugs from my previous post. I'm going to miss slapping down 47-61 windmills in a perfectly aligned plan per Manufacturing and Containment. In other news, Eskil is going to add that fire-based weapon (possibly a manufactured grenade) after release, then plans on doing that player progression with the AI business. It's gonna be fun.... setting fires in ye ol' Junktion [sic].

In more important news, I'm thinking about....enhancing....the Waiting Game by extending the deadline. I wanted to have at least 1 more clue up by now, so yeah, you'll get a video clue tomorrow (Wednesday Evening). I'll update the date and give you the video clue then. Enjoy, and as always, good luck!

~Old Man Samakon, Master of News Articles and Bad-ass Contests
~Edits by Old Man Rastabon

Posted on 22nd March 2010 at 11:18PM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (1)

Eskil should be back in Candy Land about now, probably jet-lagged into a normal sleep cycle. Well, a non-programer sleep cycle anyway. Let's take some stock of what we need him to fix before release:

  • TEAMSPEAK SERVER UPDATE (thank you, widz)
  • Config Tool
  • All Power Beams and buildings (don't currently work)
  • Fix World regeneration
  • Fix the massive spawning of AI (Commonly called Monitor Lizards for their massive tanking abilities)
  • Fix Artillery being able to shoot through forcefields
  • Fix server lag

Waiting Game Update

I added 3 new picture-clues and updated the winnings to the first 2 people who comment correctly. Good luck, and enjoy those Saddle Pods. Head on over to the Waiting Game page to participate and comment!

~Old Man Samakon, Master of News Articles (and awesome contests)

Posted on 17th March 2010 at 6:35AM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (0)

Hey guys, figured I'd check in. Some time ago (about 2 days, depending on when you read this) I had an awesome talk with Eskil about the direction Love will be taking both pre- and post-release. The chances of a Love 1up game night after launch is increasing. That'd be totally sick. He also mentioned that he's getting a LOT of good press, including major magazines(like EGM) and newspapers(LA Times), but that's not what you're here to see.


First thing Eskil's gonna do is put out a release that fixes the config bug and the missing graphics (column, window, art...). After that, I assume he'll be doing more press e-mailing, and some general clean-up before release. Obviously the release should be bug-free.


Don't we all love Eskil's crazy ideas? Well. Here's the new stuff. The new pipe-dreams, the new "wouldn't if be awesome if Eskil..." If you recall, Last time he told me about the fire-grenade things. I'd love to have those. Anyway, let's get started.
First off, each individual player will have the ability to be friendly or ....allied... with one AI village type(color). Being allied with a village would yield a perk to your player depending on the color. For instance, a blue-alligned player might recieve enhanced power regeneration. In addition, aesthetic tokens such as windows, collumns, art, grass, etc. would change for the player, depending on allegiance. That same blue-alligned player would place blue roofs instead of the usual red-clay ones. The newly availabe aesthetic tokens would make player settlements ridiculously awesome looking without having to add new gray tokens for players to have to find.
In addition to AI-color perks, players will have at least semi-permanent "reputation points." Each player will get these points for doing things around the world that help in some way. The benefits of these would-be points are currently unknown, but players will get something good in return. I can just feel Big Brother Eskil watching us, "encouraging" us to be nice to eachother....
In other, more general pipe-dreams, Eskil wants to make more tokens into the "single use" variety, like hte manufactures and radar. The most infamous switch to "single use" will be The Windmills, or at least that's what Eskil wants. I'd be glad to see more people following the Manufacturing and Containment guide, instead of putting hundreds of windmills up all over the base. Eskil also plans on adding a tracker to the game, so we can see who's currently playing and maybe a little bit mroe info. Rest assured, Love in Verses will have the information on the front page as soon as that info is made public via html, much like the teamspeak server tracker. I would personally like to see dungeons and wildlife added within the first month of release.

Important Stuff

Looking for a way to get a hold of a FREE VOUCHER? Me too! ... But seriously, I'm currently holding a little contest to celebrate the "Release" of Love which I have called The Waiting Game. You could win a 100% Free Voucher (worth 30 days of Love) simply by participating. Rules and such are all on the page, but basically, if you can figure out what I'm doing in the pictures by March 25th, I will donate a voucher to you. All you have to do is sign in or register on the site and comment. Remember, you must register to comment. Most obviously, there is no purchase necessary (or even allowed) and all that other crap they say at the end of commercials for other contests. Good Luck!

~Old Man Samakon, Master of News Articles and Awesome Contests

Posted on 5th March 2010 at 6:15AM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (0)

Hey guys, awesome news. The wildlife update is coming (much like the windmills), But...

Boring Stuff First

Eskil just finished telling me (and Genubon) a little bit of his schedule on teamspeak. He's got some podcast things for Friday and possibly Saturday. Random other stuff. I "politely requested" that a MORE OBVIOUS link be put up on quelsolaar (specifically on the main Love Page so that more people know that there is a guide for this game. I'm looking at you, evil people who posted false comments on gamespy and kotaku. Rest assured, I mentioned the Monitor Lizards. Eskil might have some free time on Saturday/Sunday to fix the config bug, as well as Artillery. It'd be really sweet if the game worked when he gives the press some vouchers to play.... (which leads us to the awesome stuff)

Awesome Stuff

1Up has Love on the list for a possible Game Night, possibly this Tuesday, March 9th. If they do pick us, I'd like as many people as possible to be on for it. Eskil suggested a Play Event, much like the Atlanta 1 event (when we made The Y and the Cross) we held back in the alpha. While a 1up game night would be a ridiculously good opportunity for me not to be a control freak, it's not the only blip on our Radar. Eskil plans on giving out many press vouchers over the next week, so be on your toes. It feels like make or break time for Love. Don't let me down. Eskil's future is on the line *cough*. I know you won't let me down though, so show them what Monitor Lizards are all about.

~Old Man Samakon, Master of Inspirational and Informational News Posts.

Posted on 2nd March 2010 at 1:24PM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

A handful of high profile gaming websites, Kotaku and Gamespy, have mentioned the Love release date in recent posts. The Gamespy article even includes a choice Eskil quote:

<blockquote>I don't want to force ads down your throat. I don't want to sell you a box, and then tell you you have to pay every month to use whats in the box. I'm not trying to sell you add-ons, expansions, in-game hats or divide the community in to regular and premium account holders. I'm not trying to force you to use a platform and I'm not trying to milk you on personal information.</blockquote>

Posted on 2nd March 2010 at 7:09AM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (1)

Hey guys, seeing as how my last news post is awesome, I'll keep this short [unlikely] I'm combining this post with a more recent news article in the contemporary sectioned style to keep the warning at the top of the news list.

New Release Bug

The new client has a horrible bug. It crashes if you try to config something. Please don't erase your old folder, if you do choose to download it. However, if you do happen to screw up and erase your working client version, Love in Verses has your back. Here's a working rar'd client from February 23rd on my private file server, the actual rar being provided by Atlanta 1's very own Talis. If, for some reason, you are technologically gimp'd (can't open a .rar file) google "winrar" or "Alzip". I prefer Alzip, but both will work.

~Old Man Samakon, Master of Emergency Fixes and News Posts

Rumors are Burning

In a fireside chat that I had with Eskil before he packed up and left for San Francisco (around 18 hours ago), I asked him about the Fire Spread algorithm that he tweeted. Much to my dismay, it is not meant for wildfires, at least not at this time. Eskil said he wants to add a new type of weapon, possibly an incendiary grenade. Ideally, it would be a new manufacture, seeded in red bases. This idea is pretty sweet, because it'd be the ultimate defence against disco/health pods as well as bridge-building AI. Also, this might be used to take out those annoying trees or melt ice caps. Just throwing a few things out there to for you to ponder. If this sparks anything, let Eskil know in an e-mail. He then explained two scenarios involving the fire-spread algorithm:

  • Say there's a bridge, and several AI coming across it. A skilled and well-equipped player would throw one of these special grenades or somehow start the fire on the bridge. The resulting blaze would spread across the bridge, while not dropping down below.
  • Conversely, a player could start a fire below him/herself from a high vantage point, remaining untouched by the flames.

While the ideas of the grenades and new manufacture are still pipe dreams in Eskil's head, at least we have a method for the spread of fires. Smokey the Bear would be pissed. After doing a quick search, I couldn't decide between these two hilariously awesome images:

Totally Hilarious

Even Funnier, but It REALLY shouldn't be :D

It is currently unknown how the introduction of fire grenades would impact Monitor Lizards. Hah, thought you'd get away without a Monitor Lizard link, eh? Not today.

~Old Man Samakon, Master of Fireside Chats.

Posted on 1st March 2010 at 5:01AM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (0)

So. Let's talk some real shit. Throughout our course of falling in Love, Eskil has promised us many things. To name a few: weather, wildlife, (Monitor Lizards), dungeons, THE MOON, hydro-electric power plants, Rescue Pods, a PVP server, the Move Tool, baby seals to club, sounds, FIXING THE FUCKING EMPTY TOKENS, Wild Fires, and finally, saving the Kadeshi Junktion(sic) from deforestation. But who's counting? So here's the deal. Some of those things have been implemented, but lots of them are LOST. But let's talk about Eskil's flaming love afair:

Fire and Brimstone

Among the things Eskil promised us, one of them is on the verge of fruition: weather. We have rain. Now, we need a change to armageddon. It should be fire and brimstone falling from the sky. With wild-fires up and running it'd be pure insanity (and not awkwardly controlled by the height of the monolith). Monitor Lizards would RAMPAGE through the Kadeshi Junktion(sic) devastating everything in their path! Then, the torrential rains would come, flooding away the powerful flames of destruction, thus sending the Monitor Lizards back from whence they came.

Bombs and Terrorism

On a much brighter and fantastic note, earlier this week, I recieved a charming e-mail from the little-known "Rastabon" ... While he was checking IP addresses and where people come from when they visit our AWESOME SITE, a pleasent surprise greeted him. Crazed internet browsers were using GOOGLE!!!!! .... rofl, jk, but really, net surfers were searching for "bomb manufacture" in google, and coming to our very own Bomb Manufacture page. Pure hilarity. I'm glad suicidal terrorist kids are coming to us for guidance. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy :D

~Old Man Samakon, Master of Armageddon Ideas.

Posted on 28th February 2010 at 10:37PM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (20)

Here we go: An awesome contest, just for you awesome love in verses users! Rules and instructions are down there past the day-to-day updates and picture-clues. Enjoy!

The Waiting Game is over!! all has been explained below.

Well. No game night as of 9PM American Central time. However, 1Up did get a few useless trailers for "Gran Turismo 5" (what language is that supposed to be?) and "2010 FIFA world cup Africa." Talk about boring. At least you guys get the next picture in my awesome "Waiting Game" contest.
Monitor Lizards, attack!
So. I think you guys deserve at LEAST another picture today. The guesses are going great so far. So "great," that "John" was able to "almost" figure out the first step. Keep in mind, that the ultimate prize is awarded for the final procedure. Check out the latest clue down south.
What a day! Work was awfully long. Regardless, I got another clue (hot and fresh) for you guys. I hope you guys Slurp it right up. Remember, Monitor Lizards are pretty much the best tank in the (waiting) game.
YEAAAHHHHHHH.....I'm gonna have to ask you to come in on saaaatttuurrdaaayyyy....Regardless, I had 3 hours of sleep and a double shift. I hate you. Here's an awesome picture. Yes, it might be a rendition of the classic tale of when I tamed my Monitor Lizard. Rest assured, I didn't use any Saddle Pods.
The day of rest for Monitor Lizards.
Down there. You might believe that it's totally random. Rest assured, all pictures are relevant.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday:
So. It was a beautiful 3 days, but I was stuck inside working my butt off. I missed Sherwin Williams by 6 minutes on wednesday. Boy was I mad. I nearly Slurped the glass doors off the store. But TODAY (Thursday) I went. And oh boy was it interesting. I went in there and laid down the line. Then some CRAZY lady (covered in paint) asked me, "What are you going to do with ______?!?!" and oh boy, was it interesting. I pretty much told her what I was doing, while glossing over how potentially DANGEROUS it might be. If only she were looking at this right ........ NOW! Regardless of crazy ladies and terrible trials, I almost went on a quest to Eldridge. Then laziness took over, so you'll have to do it. Thanks!
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday:
Well. I bet you've all been waiting for this, I know I have.....I journeyed to the Mystical Gardens of Eldridge (totally irl) and obtained the mystical Saddle Pods! Another week of overtime at work, of course. I've got 3 new clues down there for you guys to gobble up! And to respond to some comments, paint is not involved, and this MIGHT be an experiment on the tanking abilities of Monitor Lizards. Just a reminder, the contest is almost over. March 25th is creeping up on us. I will have the final clue posted as a video on this page which will pretty much give away the answer, so check back often. I also noted down south that John has decided to follow my example and donate a SECOND voucher to this contest. It's been decided that it will be the first 2 users to comment with the correct answer will win a voucher, so if you think you (or the person before you) have/has figured it out, post comments!!!! rawr. Yes, the rooster is relevant. Also, ignore the stain on the carpet, my Monitor Lizard must have Slurped all over it.
Tuesday and Wednesday:
RAWR! So, I went to Home Depot finally, to pick up the last piece of the puzzle!
Thursday - Sunday:
Well. After some long days of stuff and Monitor Lizards, I finally have a day off tomorrow, so I plan on finishing this thing. Here's the last clues, enjoy!

"Waiting Game"

The anticipation is killing me. I want Love to succeed. In my angsting, I decided to do something crazy, since I'm 2/3's chemical engineer:
Something crazy
In horror/celebration of no 1up game night and a huge raise at work, here's the next photo:
Third photo, after 2 long days of work (I'm totally getting over-time for this).
Monitor Lizard feces?
Fourth photo-op, you know you want it:
Purified Monitor Lizard feces
Here's the fifth clue you guys get. Remember, this was after an all nighter-and a double shift.
Pretty much the best tank in the game
Sixth Clue had GOT to be ridiculous:
Let's just call it...Procurement
The seventh picture clue is the NEW destination. Sherwin Williams sucked it up. Better get your uber 1337 full epic gear ready....
Finally, 3 badass clues, all involving a major food group for Monitor Lizards
Cats have catnip, Monitor Lizards have....
Monitor Lizard excretions
Saddle Pod Reigns
Fuck that buck
Here you go, those VIDEO CLUES I promised!!!! But seriously, these were just a trial run in my backyard. The final video will be posted in no less than 2 days.

Explanation and Finale

I'll go down the list of the pictures and explain it all:

For my thermite I wanted to use red rust and aluminum powder, and initially do it all myself. Not everything goes as planned. I wanted to make an Iron M which I could have on my wall or something.
Pics 1-4 The process of rusting nails with a D-Cell battery in a saltwater solution to get everyday red rust (Fe2O3, or Ferric Oxide). Then I sperated the rust using 2 coffee filters. At first I tried using only one, but hte rst was too heavy and ripped the filter to shit, hence that second, mysterious glass jar in pic 3. Pic 4 is after I used a halogen lamp on the rust for further desication. The newspaper I used to make sure I didn't make a mess was the Science Times (from the NY Times).
Pic 5 This was the first spot I found in my investigation for a suitable location. Pretty nifty with the excavator.
Pic 6 I went to sherwin williams to try and buy some aluminum powder. Random google searches said that I could probably find the powder at any regular paint store. They were wrong.
Pic 7 In an attempt to make the thermite 100% homebrewed, I wanted to go and buy some red sulfur matches and Al powder from an Ace Hardware in this general vacinity. Needless to say, they didn't have what I was looking for. So I turned to PPG which was way down south from this map, but also close to Eldridge Pkwy. So I made a crappily edited photoshop job of a WoW quest log thing (using mspaint, gimme a break) and invented the quest to Eldridge. Instead I got extremely lazy and then ordered everything I needed online. The red rust is still in my room....
Pic 8-10 The bags of materials I needed for non-Homebrew thermite: 30 micron Aluminum, Black Rust (Fe3O4), and Magnesium Ribbon (for the fuse).
Pic 11 A steel bucket I got from Home Depot to carry everything and maybe thermite inside for a nice flame.
Videos: 1st one, The Mg wouldn't light. I was being retarded. 2nd one, I stuck the Mg vertically into the thermite,so it only lit a very small portion for a very small duration. 3rd video, I wasn't fast enough to get hte camera out of my pocket and recording. It made a nice two foot flame and completely obliterated the cup holding the thermite.

Finale: Enjoy that thermite guys. The <3 is obviously for Love.

There are no "thermite bombs," at least not yet. I still have about half of my stuff left, so who knows. I'll post the videos here and on my new youtube account. If you're interested in your own thermite feel free to contact me and I'll tell you everything about my experience and how to have your own. It's a shit ton of fun. Cacti and WolfGang are our winners. Sweet. They get vouchers. Obviously it can be dangerous doing this stuff. It is not illegal to my knowledge, but fires cause people to call 911 rather often. Camp grounds and beaches are ideal places to do this. I've done this a few times in chem courses and labs, so I knew what to expect. I even printed out MSDS's for this, in case somebody got angry at me for not being safe. Fun stuff!

Those rules that don't matter anymore:

If you can figure out what I'm doing [in the above sequence of pictures and videos] just after the release date of Love (March 30th?). I will donate a Love voucher to your cause. Think of it as a pre-release contest. Let all that stress out. Obviously, only the first (and second person thanks to John :D) to figure it out (the final procedure) will get the voucher. Post a comment with your answer. Make sure you register before commenting, anonymous comments will NOT be shown. I suppose everyone is allowed as many guesses as they want, but I will give no clues other than the images. As time goes on, I will upload more images. Good Luck!

~Old Man Samakon, Master of Awesome Contests

Posted on 23rd February 2010 at 10:54PM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (0)

Hey guys, there's a new client out! updated textures. Blue roofs are blue again! weapons have red all over them. It's craziness! There's music everywhere. Better check it out. This might be the closed beta client.

new weapons

So... Eskil makes it rain, he makes it rain, he makes it rain on them hoes....but really, it's raining (men)! oh man crazy.

Posted on 20th February 2010 at 9:37PM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (1)

Eskil announced on his blog that the closing day of beta is Tuesday the 23rd. I'm assuming he means Tuesday his time, and not American nor Australian time. Purchase those vouchers now, guys. Make an investment in Eskil's future, so that Love will be better. In my previous post I was pretty...critical...about the price increase. I still plan on hanging around for a while after release, and you should too. Who knows, maybe Love will be worth 10 euros/month to a lot of people. Wouldn't that be great? Dungeons, Monitor Lizards, alliances with certain AI....it sure sounds great. If only those sandy jags of empty tokens would disappear before Eskil goes away to GDC-land.

~Old Man Samakon, Master of Hope for the Future

Posted on 17th February 2010 at 4:22AM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (1)

The following is written by a crazed madman, read with care, - Rastabon

So Eskil released the latest client, giving the sound system a major overhaul. The most notable change is that sounds for weapons are generated at the place where your projectile stops. To check it out, shoot your blaster at the ground, then at a far away location. You'll see what I mean. It's kinda like he gave us all silencers. Which could be cool. Let's see where this takes us. BFGs are a lot quieter. No more bleeding eardrums for the headphone users.
Oh my god. The bases have wind chimes. Perhaps they're signaling that "The windmills are coming." It was so pleasent to listen to, those wind chimes, while I got blown up by a Rocket Pit. Can't forget that the water has a new sound too. There's probably plenty more, so go check them out. Then get killed by a rocket pit. It truly is better to have Loved and lost then to have NEVER HAVE LOVED AT ALL.

EDIT: The R pyrosphere music is good. I want more of it.

Troubled Times Ahead

Speaking of not Loving at all, Eskil told me some unfortunate news; that he was going to be increasing his price for full release to 10 Euros/month. What. The. Fuck. Isn't that close to what Blizard charges for WoW?!?! A guy's gotta make money, I understand, but 3.33 x more money? I know I wouldn't pay 10 euros for the current state of the game. Pretty sure Eskil's getting ahead of himself here. 10 Euros for a game with no end-game? No lunar exploration? No Monitor Lizards? Nothing to do after a base is up and running for 4-5 hours? No permanent show of achievement? No more rhetorical questions? Please?
All jokes aside, with all forseeable updates before the release (Eskil will be doing GDC things March 1st - 20th) the game isn't going to be worth 10 euros per month to me. I could understand 5 euros, if a payment increase is really necessary at all. In coherence with the Alpha --> Beta era, Eskil plans to close the voucher purchasing service, move back to closed beta, and give all of us awesome beta testers free play time until full release. This way we don't have to pay while Eskil is busy with GDC and less focused on bug fixes. I'll ask Eskil for a definite date and update this article. In the meantime, all you awesome Monitor Lizard-riding beta testers, I suggest that you stock up on play time (buy vouchers at 3 euros now isntead of 10 later) if you plan to play the full release. We'll see how this all boils down.
With Love,

~Old Man Samakon, Master of News Articles

Posted on 15th February 2010 at 4:44AM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (1)

So. Eskil says March 25th. He's gonna invite press soon. There's gonna be craziness. But the real question is. Are we ready? Is Love ready? It is Valentine's day after all... After living through the public beta release, I know I'm not ready for an even larger influx of new players. I'd have to make a special guide for this. Definitely. Oh wait, there already is one. Check it out. Are you ready for public release? I know I'm ready for one thing: Monitor Lizards.

Posted on 11th February 2010 at 11:48PM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (0)

Hey guys, It's that special time where I release a major update to one of my fantastic guides. Prompted mostly by an anonymous edit (you know who you are), that took my voice out of it and put in some syrupy nice crap. It had no edge. No bite. Lackluster. Anyway, I took the time to tone down some of the "Samakon" in the article and added a shitton of new info on monolith placement and a few updates. The new Token Layout Guide has arrived.

Posted on 8th February 2010 at 10:00AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (1)
Posted on 3rd February 2010 at 3:09AM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (0)

Beta client #14 is now available for download.

First up, Twitter updates with my comments in curly brackets:

  • You can now place tokens even if you have an edit tool selected
  • If a player settlement is destroyed, players get blaster and smooth edit tools. {IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME}
  • Fixed cave floor vertex selection graphics
  • Players no longer pick up power ups they cant carry {I can't wait for this to be implemented. With this, players will only be able to pick up 4 pods at any one time, allowing us to change our manufacturing. Link below :) }
  • Players are now always being spawned at a checkpoint if no settlement exists (you always have a checkpoint to respawn to if you get trapped)
  • AI can no longer accidentally destroy things by building bridges over them.
  • Found and fixed a reason for the AI to build unnecessary bridges.
  • Fixed bug in the logic and pacing of the AIs destruction of Player Settlements .
  • Found bug that prevented Occupations
  • AI no longer places the Occupation in stupid places. {funny.}
  • Added rocket pits {check them out at Rocket Pit}
  • Cleared UK servers

New Blog Post

Eskil's new blog post is up and explains some of what he always tells us on teamspeak. It almost sounds like a cry for people to stop bothering him about adding Monitor Lizards. Read it, enjoy it, comment. But it's all true. The noobies who complain about one hole in the world should ease off the jets. When we were kids we ran to mommy whenever a sibling touched us. Now, we run to Eskil whenever we find a 1-tile hole?

New Guide(s)

Over the course of Love so far(from the first week of alpha through private and public beta) we've had numerous issues cause miss-communications and rage resulting in quite a non-wholesome, un-loving experience. I have found a solution to the graphics card issues which caused a "smoo" incident that also impacts base layout and power issues. Here is a brand new Manufacturing and Containment Guide to solve a few of these problems. Also, the Token Placement Guide has recieved a major update. Do enjoy.

~Old Man Samakon, Master of News Articles

Posted on 27th January 2010 at 11:12AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

The thirteenth edition of the beta client is now available for download. In addition to previously mentioned fixes, the high resolution screenshot function has been enabled.

Posted on 26th January 2010 at 12:59PM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

Some vague new fixes, from :

Posted on 26th January 2010 at 10:26AM GMT+0000 by Samakon | Comments (0)

That's right, even Old Man Samakon can do it. No publicity is bad publicity. Be sure to check out these new guides on the Love in Verses wiki:

Posted on 24th January 2010 at 8:15AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

New Love Help Dialog

The server still has a small glitch where the settlements would die spontaneously. Have no fear.

The new help dialog (see above) was not mentioned on Twitter, but still deserve a mention.

A new client is available to download, and contains the following fixes.

Posted on 21st January 2010 at 2:28AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

Welcome to the new Love in Verses design, it is considerably darker than the previous version and its lifespan should be a little longer than its predecessor.

The front page layout has changed a little and a new theme been built for the site. If you have any suggestions or complaints, feel free to comment on this news post especially regarding color issues.

Posted on 20th January 2010 at 11:12AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

This is a notice that Love in Verses will be undergoing scheduled maintenance on Thursday, 21 January 2010 at 3am GMT (tomorrow). Or see when in your timezone.

It should take between 1-1.5 hours to complete. This is to upgrade the site software, a change in the front page, and some other awesome surprises.

Edit: Completed, and on time. See what was done.

Stay Tuned

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Posted on 17th January 2010 at 10:16AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

I really should've posted this a couple of days ago.

EDGE has written up a preview of Love up on their site.


<blockquote>Love will change – perhaps dramatically - consolidating the huge promise of its complex strategies and ephemeral landscape. Though this is nominally a beta test, it is also, going by Steenberg's previous comments, the state in which Love may perpetually reside: an ongoing, ever-evolving experiment that reaches no finality. Will it alter to the meet the whims of an expanded player base by more clearly delineating and rewarding progress? It all depends on Steenberg's genius, and whether it permits him to comprehend the incomprehension of others.</blockquote>

Posted on 17th January 2010 at 10:08AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)
Posted on 17th January 2010 at 10:05AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

Eskil has posted a blog article, When you have insomnia, you're never really asleep... and you're never really awake.
, stressing how little sleep he has gotten recently.

Posted on 16th January 2010 at 3:50PM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)
Posted on 13th January 2010 at 7:45PM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

A new server release has been made, all servers updated. This should fix the crashbug when you ride a rescue cable.

Posted on 13th January 2010 at 4:39AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

A new beta client is available for Download. The update includes the following fixes:

Posted on 13th January 2010 at 12:42AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

In addition to the first impressions article posted by Wired.com GameLife yesterday, they also included Love in its list of 20 Most Anticipated Games of 2010 Page 12.

Posted on 12th January 2010 at 10:58AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

The wiki can now be edited whether you are logged in or not. Of course, to receive brownie points (credibility) you must be logged in.

Edit: That was quick. Due to spam, creating and editing wiki articles requires that you complete a CAPTCHA. Registered members do not need to fill this out.

Posted on 12th January 2010 at 7:03AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

We may have Gus Mastrapa of Wired's GameLife in a trap. He has written an article, Wandering Through the Love Beta Test, with his first impressions of the game.

Posted on 12th January 2010 at 1:16AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

Eskil has acquired a Teamspeak 3 server for public use. Connection details can be found at the Voice page. Edit: The Ventrilo server has been shut down.

Posted on 11th January 2010 at 4:40AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

Check it, a new update to the beta has been posted. Download it now.

Along with the aforementioned updates, the following have been announced with this beta release:

Posted on 9th January 2010 at 2:38AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

Love in Verses will be down for up to 1 hour beginning at GMT 11:00, 9th January 2010. See when in your local timezone. The server will be having its software upgraded to newer versions.

Edit: Maintenance Complete. Further downtime is required, will announce in a few days when this is to occur.

Posted on 8th January 2010 at 10:28AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

The beta blog post has been posted on Eskil's blog, entitled: We will test it on Captain Solo..

Two updates also, for next release via :

Posted on 7th January 2010 at 12:26PM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

Beta thumb

The public beta is over, and no longer available for anyone new to play. However, if you join the teamspeak server (mentioned below) one of the friendly people there might lend you a friend account, so you can try the game FOR FREE. Do feel free to Download the latest client, but you will not be able to purchase a voucher until March 25th.

Love in Verses will be maintaining a list of changes that Eskil may or may not have announced.

Eskil has a larger teamspeak server to replace the small Ventrilo server. Weeks into the public beta, the vent server has been full.

Full Image

Posted on 6th January 2010 at 1:44AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

A handful of recent notable articles from around the internet discussing the upcoming public beta of Love:

See more mentions of Love at In the Media.

Posted on 6th January 2010 at 1:38AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

No new client today. Servers were updated with the following.


Posted on 5th January 2010 at 1:15AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)
Posted on 3rd January 2010 at 1:05AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)
Posted on 3rd January 2010 at 1:05AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

Love in Verses has been receiving an unusually large amount in traffic, a 2000% increase in fact, perhaps due to the mention on Eskil's blog. In any case, I have turned on a cache for the site to relieve the web server of its workload. This should change site responsiveness for the better. If you find any abnormalities with the site, please comment on this post.

Posted on 3rd January 2010 at 1:04AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

The licensing of content has been made clearer on the Love in Verses licensing page. Please make yourself familiar with it if you are concerned about editing the wiki.

Posted on 2nd January 2010 at 5:59AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

One quick update today, I have finally exposed the RSS feed for the Love in Verses news stream.

Posted on 2nd January 2010 at 5:56AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

Eskil has written a new blog post, entitled Write it, cut it, paste it, save it, load it, check it, quick rewrite it. It discusses a few things related to the beta, and how it works.

An official Ventrilo server (connection details), which he will be dropping in on from time to time has been launched successfully for players to communicate and discuss the game.

As well as a plug for this site, an announcement of a free game development for beginners course in San Francisco, within a week before or after the Game Developers Conference.

Posted on 1st January 2010 at 10:55AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

Beta thumb

The beta has been released, it is not an optional update. Download it now.

The beta is available for existing players only, for the duration of the beta. Once the major beta bugs are fixed, it will be open for everyone.

Love in Verses is maintaining a list of changes that Eskil may or may not have announced.

Full Image

Posted on 1st January 2010 at 10:51AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

Final fixes before the release of the beta in a couple of hours:

Posted on 1st January 2010 at 6:43AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

We have an awesome new article on Love in Verses which outlines how the regions of Love (Kadeshi, Idra Prime etc) work. There is even a map!

See Regions article.

Posted on 29th December 2009 at 1:47PM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

A touching New Year 2009/10 wishes and reflections of the past year from Eskil. With this Love related snippet:


And how could we fail in 2010 when Love is only days away?


Edit: Also a new blog post.

Welcome to 2010.

Love, Dan.

Posted on 28th December 2009 at 11:59PM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)
Posted on 28th December 2009 at 7:02AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)
Posted on 27th December 2009 at 11:50AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)
Posted on 25th December 2009 at 6:15AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

So, I had a chat with Eskil recently about the 6 beta fixes that were released yesterday. It seem he is still working, and I am still playing, on christmas day.

All 6 beta fixes are actually features related to a new concept being introduced to Love, called Occupations. Occupations, like a hostile takeover. Not as in jobs and employment.

An occupation occurs when AI place a new type of monolith, called an occupation monolith (Fix 10), in your settlement, the AI will claim the buildings within it.

Fix 15: Remove auto give of guns removes the backup weapon feature for when an AI destroys a weapon building, you are automatically given a blaster. For example, if you have slugrifle, and the AI enter your base and destroy the slugrifle building. The game will no longer place a blaster in the tool slot when it is destroyed. It will become an empty tool slot, like other tokens.

Posted on 20th December 2009 at 5:28AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

Two major bugs have finally been fixed. These should change the way a lot of us play the game in the future.

Thanks Eskil. We hope that the game pacing works correctly that we don't complain about not having the ability to cycle tokens. Honestly.

Posted on 19th December 2009 at 11:00AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)
Posted on 18th December 2009 at 10:55AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

From Eskil's Twitter Feed, the 9th beta item and final village type is complete.

Not sure why it is named Fire though. I would think Weapons would be more appropriate.

Posted on 13th December 2009 at 1:21AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

Throughout the rest of the alpha period, anyone with an active account can play for free!

Eskil <strong>announced</strong> this prematurely in Ventrilo, a few hours later he officially made an announcement via Twitter:


I have removed the account timer on the master server. All playtime until Beta will be free, since i cant give good service right now.


Once the beta is released, your time will begin to count down again.

He also made a detailed announcement on the forums:


Given that now working on the Beta, and don't have the ability to release any new patches. I have decided to turn off the account timer. The timer will still count down in the interface but you will notice that it will always start at the same point every time you start the Client. So essentially everyone who has an account gets about a free month or so.

I'm very sorry about all the down time and the frequent crashes. If your server is down, send me an e-mail, and ill put it back up a lot faster. I still take bug reports, so keep them coming. Right now i need to focus on all the new stuff that is going in to the beta, and then once the beta is out, I'm going to focus on hammering out all the bugs, so please hold on.


Edit: To clarify, you still need to have an active account with time left to play, they still cost 3 euro. you will just get all days until Beta for free.


The timer ingame will continue to count down, but will reset the next time you log in.

Estimated release of the beta is February.

Posted on 12th December 2009 at 12:19PM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

A major achievement, a victory for Samakon: The BFG token can be equipped by players, and we finally have its weapon icon.

Also, I have added an additional field to your user account: your friend account name.

Posted on 8th December 2009 at 4:18AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

The health (green) village style has been completed today! The village style count is 3!

From :

Only 1 update today.

Posted on 7th December 2009 at 2:07AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

The radio (white) village style is ready, which joins power (blue) as the two new complete village styles.

From , the official twitter account of Love:

Posted on 5th December 2009 at 3:29AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

Some mysterious new additions to Love, via :

Eskil can also mark his 1000th follower with this update!

Posted on 2nd December 2009 at 1:40PM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

I have made some modifications to Love in Versus' front page, involving re-modelling into 3 panes, and recent site and Love activity.

The pane in the center will promote new content spanning various Love-related websites, including Eskil's twitter feed, Eskil's blog and newly added content on this website.

Posted on 2nd December 2009 at 1:11AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)
Posted on 30th November 2009 at 11:41PM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

Eskil mentioned today on Ventrilo that the 4th of 26 beta fix is yet to be announced as done. It will comprise of a complete village type. Also, he will be releasing a pre-beta build in the near future, which will include minor bug fixes and features.

Posted on 30th November 2009 at 10:31PM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

1 feature today, via :

Also, servers Atlanta 1, Atlanta 2, UK1 and UK2 are up again.

Posted on 29th November 2009 at 9:29AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)
Posted on 27th November 2009 at 3:31PM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

via , one fix today:

Today also marks 3 whole weeks since the last client release of Love, and counting. This is the longest gap in releases for many months.

Posted on 27th November 2009 at 3:28PM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

Some updates have been made to the token node and listing, including a rejiggered layout and more prominent seed color fields. Various access denied messages related to logged out users have also been resolved.

The frontpage layout has changed temporarily while I prepare something special.

This site has not been tested in the lower Internet Explorer versions. I do not intend on prioritising support for a product that is more than 8 years old.

Posted on 25th November 2009 at 11:26PM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

Some interim features and bug fix notifications courtesy of Eskil, as he mentioned in Ventrilo, only minor fixes will make it into the game before the beta. Unless Eskil made a mistake, these do not appear to be on the list of 26 since they are not prefixes with /26.

Posted on 25th November 2009 at 2:32PM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

There was a problem with user registrations not working because the CAPTCHA broke, it has now been fixed and registrations are now re-opened.

Posted on 23rd November 2009 at 3:12PM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

Finishing touches are being put on Love in Verses before it is launched into a stealth, but public, release. The theme I have been developing for the site is mostly complete, except for some layout customizations for items such as tokens, bugs and ideas.

Posted on 23rd November 2009 at 12:23PM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

Eskil has announced via a blog post, T minus 26 things, that he is working towards a beta release. But before the beta is released he will be addressing 26 issues that he finds important. The problem is, Eskil is reluctant to release said list of issues, he will be posting them when he fixes them.

The first three fixes have been made available via :

  1. Rockets now work again
  2. Added array control of building types.
  3. Differentiating between high and low block placement
Posted on 10th November 2009 at 1:09AM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

Welcome to Love in Verses.

Posted on 7th November 2009 at 7:50PM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

Eskil is in Tokyo, don't expect him to be in Ventrilo, or to post new releases of Love. Unfortunately he will not be returning for up to 2 weeks.

Posted on 3rd November 2009 at 1:30PM GMT+0000 by Phadon | Comments (0)

Eskil tweeted that he will be holding a player event this coming Thursday at 6pm PST on ATL1 server. See when in your local timezone.

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